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Crops Precision Agri-Lab is an analytical laboratory dedicated to agriculture. We analyze more than 55,000 samples each year. Because we focus on western agriculture, we deliver rapid sample turnaround and data quality that is unmatched. Tissue samples are usually reported in 24-48 hours and soils in 48-72 hours from being received.

With quick turnaround and quality results, Precision Agri-Lab strives for excellence and to meet the needs of today's growers.

Ag Decision Network

Soil and Tissue reports are available online along with grower billing and invoice history. View Reports


CPS Weather Site

View CPS Weather information. CropConnect users can login here.


Crop Monitoring Program

The Precision Agri-Lab Crop Monitoring program allows you to see at a glance where your plant levels fall relative to the maximum yield producers.


Grid Sampling

Grid Sampling and Varible Rate Technology give the grower a tool for applying inputs in the right areas within a field.


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